Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Politics and(in) Media!

Hi! Back with my post on Indian media.
I am terribly disturbed by the way Indian media covers the News nowadays.Both Television and Print media.I have followed the same pattern which media adopts in calling leaders with short names like RaGa,Namo etc in naming some of the famous?!!! media persons :-).So readers can scratch the brain to do the guess work.
Last week two anchors were targeted in twitter for different reasons.One was ArGo and another was RaSa.Twitter was buzzing with tweets about these anchors.Some tweets were about their bias.Some were personal.I never like personal attack on celibrities in social media.But these anchors also tweeted in unsavory manner against the twitterati  by using terms like 'pieces of excrements','cyber goons' for comparing revolting twitterati. Irony is the same media fights for freedom of expression in other cases.But when it comes to them they readily take the cane in their hand to punish whoever cross the limits and enter their territory.Those who make a living in commenting and criticizing on others should learn to face criticisms.
Let me stick to the bias and partiality issue.There are many anchors who are so biased that their debates and news reflect their unashamed political affiliations.BhaDu,RaKa,SaGho,PaGho,SreJa are also happy members in this chamcha brigade ;-) :-) Print media persons,when they appear as panelists in debates are also open about their political affiliations.This is a very dangerous trend which may mislead the public and ruin our country.
Media is expected to be non partisan and are required to play impartial role in delivering News.
This doesn't happen with our channels.They play with the sentiments of people.Many times they fuel the divide among different communities at the behest of their political bosses.Their yardstick for different parties vary according to their proximity with their indirect bosses.
For eg., They played Volley ball with AAP.The strategy used by media was a jump serve, in which AAP was tossed very high in the air after election results and slowly they made a timed approach to hit AAP with great vigour that AAP is hitting the ground with fast pace.Forget that AAP is writing its own requiem with the media's help.Really feeling sad for AAP.It was a promising political alternative but media is busy writing its epitaph by following each and every move of AAP which they never did with their favourite parties.
As for as SP is concerned,media gave a partial insight into muzaffarnagar riots.Riots happened around september and october but media was busy in opinion polls and elections at that time so gave a frozen look towards the victims.But once the election results were out and drubbing took place,they suddenly rushed to the aid of the victims showering all help on them,not to help the helpless victims but to enhance the electoral prospects of their hapless bosses.Do the media and politicians play with communalism? Do they want to en cash the plight of victims into votebanks? Why Minorities are always considered as Vote Bank? Are they not humans?Are they mere robots who are designed to march to ballot boxes and cast their votes.
Media was so rough with the SP  that they didn't even spare the straying bovines of a politician ;-) Bovines were also clever enough to enjoy the limelight  and posed for the shutterbugs like models doing catwalk ;-) :-) and they became famous like Victoria :-):-) I heard that after this episode, many bovines are planning for a short escape to grab the media attention. :-) When Bovines are not spared ,what about the politicians in junket? They were also followed sincerely even to loo ;-) :-)
BSP also never gets its proper due in Indian media.Reason? God only knows.
Other regional parties never grab media attention unless and until there is a big scam involving them.:-) So all the regional parties have their own channels to tom-tom their achievements and bash the opponents.;-) :-)They are not bothered about Hindi/English media.

BJP was never a blue eyed boy of media and never will be in the future also.
Party spokespersons volunteer themselves as panelists ,get severe Namo bashing and return with the same vigor for the next big bash.:-)Even if it comes to power in future its each and move will be scrutinized.Knowing this secret,bovines owned by those party members are already gearing up for their catwalk event.:-) ;-)

If you admit that you are practising Hindu in Indian media,You become a communal person.:-) :-)
This is a real pathetic joke because,I have many friends belonging to different religions and whenever I told them that I am a Hindu,they never felt me as a communal person.When we share our common problems ,question of secularism and communalism have never raised.Because friendships and relations are beyond religions and castes.I may not be secular in the eyes of media but I am proud to say that  I am happy with the way I am than belonging to media's brand of secularism because secularism in India has been given a different tone and meaning in Indian media to suit their bosses.My friends and I are very well aware of this fact.Whatever media paints about us,We will live together in peace and harmony in our beautiful country.The only consoling point is still there are few sincere media persons who do a good job.cu in next post. 

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