Monday, September 7, 2009

Cinema-India's Curse

Hi!Keeping up my promise after a break :-)
Cine Lovers! u may get angry with my post so better skip this post ;-) to avoid BP shoot ups and emotional outbursts :-)))
In the title,I ve specified India because no other country has seen abhishekams with milk,honey etc on a lifeless mammoth cutout of a cine star on the eve of the release;-))) of a film.
(sorry!Rajinikanth fans! even I love Rajini movies a lot and I love to whistle on super stunt sequences of Rajini but I cannot imagine myself pouring milk over his huge cutout when hundreds of kids die of malnutrion in India everyday)
Iam not blaming Rajinikanth,each and every budding and chitput actor wants a cutout ,serial lights etc in South India.They love to call themselves as Future CM even before the release of their first film;-) I wonder who pays for such stupid banners and other useless decorations.
Thank God!Bollywood is spared in this abhishekam issue,but bollywood has a different problem altogether.Many bollywood producers love to produce for NRIs or rich Indians who are fed with golden spoons,but sadly their impractical designer costumes and richness in the movies don't gel with India's true real self.
One funny thing about Indian cinema is,on one hand films are extremely real aiming for an oscar(because highlighting India's poverty,slum issues,beggars can lead the film to a cannes festival or can win an oscar if poverty and lawlessness is shown in maximum possible heights,because foreigners love to see such Indian movies ;-))) and on other hand they are highly impractical & rich where even a servant maid dons a rich costume;-)) in the movie.But heroine is always poor in one aspect,her costumes;-))) and producer tries to save money as much as possible and she is allowed to wear only 1/2 metre of cloth in total;-))))
There is a limit to show real issues in a film,I was shocked to see 'Paruthi veeran' in Tamil which was so violent ,I had to switch off with disgust,believe me!it was a super hit film there in TN.Or I could'nt imagine wasting money on a Hindi 'Dostana' which throws light on gays ,I still wonder why KJ wanted to take this movie which tries to educate indian mass on unnecessary things when India is unable to cope up with outburst of AIDS,knowing that Indian public blindly follows their films and try to implement all things in their life.
For eg.,after the release of 'Hum Aapke he kaun' ,Indian marriage expenses have shot up and are still in the upward spiral and organising a marriage has become a big show business.Designer costumes and Jewels have burnt the pockets of middleclass families which tries to ape rich class by all ways.
Gone are the days of a normal middle class comedy with ordinary costumes and sets. Even today I can happily watch the simple Amol palekar in 'Golmaal' or heartily laugh at 'Bhama Vijayam'(I think in Hindi it is Teen deviyaan or something like that) dialogues.But wonder whether such films will be taken in future.In hindi Priyadarshan movies are based on middle class issues,but Iam planning to watch his original movie only ;-))) because all his movies are remade from South Films.
I am not planning to end up this post with lots of pessimism,I would like to give a huge Thumbs Up to Indian regional cinema(all languages except Hindi) which has experimented with normal themes and different plots.
Hope that Indian film Industry wakes up to show the real, real India.Cu in next post..