Monday, November 16, 2009

Astro Nuts

Hi!In this post I would like to discuss about Astrology,a subject which invariably raises curiosity in a normal person's mind.
I have a decent knowledge about Indian Astrology which I learnt from my mami,so I think that I am eligible to talk about the pros and cons of it.
Whenever some distressing events happen in life,We have the tendency to run to an astrologer with our horoscopes.I always wonder why Muslims and christians never give much importance to Astrology whereas Hindus give more importance to it.Is it due to the stress on immense faith which those religions propagate?In simple words,do they follow the principle"Surrendering to God completely will help us overcome our problems rather following astrological directions"?I am not sure.
But if you study the technical details in astrology and compare it with today's science ,some interesting facts are revealed.Indian astrology is said to be formulated by our reverred rishis and munis before 3000 years.
First to understand Indian Astrology(IA-I will use this abbrev.),You should study it with respect to the earth,Our planet.
First let me start with sun,The energy giver to this planet.We all know that Earth revolves round the Sun in 12 months.In our Indian Astrology too,Sun stays in one Rashi for one month and thus covers all 12 rashis in an year.
Second is Mars,(Mangal or Sevvai) takes 686.98 days to orbit around the Sun,when divided by 12,it is 57.24 days and in IA mars stays approx.1 1/2 months to 2 months in one rashi.
Third is Jupiter,(guru) takes 11.86 years to orbit around the Sun and in IA ,Guru stays in one Rashi for an year thus covering 12 rashis in 12 years.
Fourth is Saturn(shani) the much feared planet,takes 29.46 yrs ,when divided by 12,it is 2.455 years and in IA,shani planet stays in one rashi for 2 1/2 years.
Fifth,the moon revolves the earth in 28 to 29 days and In IA,it stays in one nakshatra or star for day and altogether there are 27 stars and thus makes up.
An interesting term ,Vakra is used in IA.i.e.,travelling backwards or reverse .
May be that is a sort of matching it with the real planetary movements like what we have done with leap year system.
While comparing real science and IA,I was amazed to see this calculations and could only silently appreciate our ancestors for their calculations in those days where there were no telescopes and other precision Instruments.
But,2 planets dont match with our scientific calculation.
Mercury(budha) and venus(Shukra).
Mercury takes 88 days,7.33 days when divided by 12,but in IA,it stays around 17 days in one rashi,which is 10 days more than actual,and Venus takes 224.7 days to revolve round the Sun,18.7 days when divided by 12,but in IA,it stays around 24 days in one rashi which is 6 days more than actual.
And I am not sure about Rahu and Ketu because there are no equivalent planets in reality.
When I was discussing this in our house,My dad objected to my observation and told me that We should not question about the formulations of Rishis.
It is not the question of going against our own rishis..It is the nature of our brain to analyse any subject with rational thinking.
IA is completely based on precision of time and place (longitude and latitude). Apart from these planetary positions and their houses there are lots of other complicate calculations,Permutations and Combinations in IA. I can very well say that no Astrologer can master all these combinations thoroughly.So,no astrologer can be 100% perfect.
While discussing these negative points,I can never deny that I have experienced amazing predictions in my life.Quite confusing and mind boggling too.Certainly I have immense respect for our own Indian Astrology.
But,why don't we leave it at the hands of destiny or fate or for believers why don't we surrender to the Supreme like other religionists instead of running to Astrologers.
Did this post confuse you?Didn't you see the label before reading.."Padmaism"?:-)
It has to be in next post..