Thursday, June 25, 2009

Extra Curricular Excitement

Hi!Finally resumed my blogging activity after a long break.
In my previous post,I had promised to write on Cinema,But I take some liberty to break my promise and in this post I would like to discuss about extra curricular activities...
Since my school days,I am more interested in Music,Dance,Drama etc and less inclined towards my studies.Even today I feel that I could have enjoyed more if I would have joined Arts stream instead of my;-)))

But when I compare the activities of today's children I really feel pity for them because they are not aware how much they are missing in their life :-( because of academic pressure.

I still remember December '86 ..just 3 months before my +2 exams.I used to return home at 8 pm after my rehearsals for the Drama on Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.I was playing the lead role and had lots of dialogues.Many times I used to forget some lines and used to stub them with my own creative dialogues ;-))) which were funny and entertaining for my teachers and for my dear friend Fatima who was the prompter.I always enjoy the rehearsals more than the actual performance.Rehearsals are always loaded with fun and we can take liberty on our dialogues and actions.In spite of so many rehearsals,on the day of performance I was so engrossed in my acting;-)) I forgot the next scene and curtains had to be pulled down :-)))
But I cherish that moment with happiness even today.:-)))
Just studying for last 3 months I could squeeze into of technology with a B.E admission.I am not writing this to declare my intelligence.I feel that 3 months study is enough for board exams...Even in my college I was known for my stage performances ;-)) than my studies :-)))..
But compare it with today's scenario...
Show me a single kid who will volunteer for extra curricular activities just 3 months before their board exams...!Children are made to study from 9 th std for their tenth and again have to start for their +2 from 11 th std itself..Coaching classes..IIT foundation courses ...Is it not a torture?...Their prime time(9 th std to 12 th std) of enjoying the beautiful moments of life are grabbed from them.No extra curricular activities,No social functions during that period...Are we on the path of creating just scientists and mathematicians of rote learning?
Are we killing the creative abilities of our kid?Will they have any funny moments to cherish in the future?
As a parent ,even I feel guilty about my son's tight schedule.He is in 7 th std.Can he afford to be carefree and fun loving as we were in our younger days?Peer pressure on their academic performance is so high on todays' kids that they are not able to concentrate on other activities.
Only consoling moment for me is the skit performed by my son and his friends 2 years back.I was the script writer and director;-))) and literally we had a gala time during the rehearsals in our house.Kids and their mothers assembling in our house,having samosas,biscuits and patties amidst the rehearsals ,hunting shops for the wigs (all were boys and 3 of them played female roles;-))),sarees, readymade blouses and suitable accessories(My MIL was equally excited and collected many accessories).It was real fun for us and kids.I could feel the excitement and happiness in them when dialogues were forgotten or missed sequences.Even dress rehearsals were held with great fun.

Extra curricular activities doesnt mean participating in super singer competion or meaningless dance competions on TV.These are individual activities .Activities should involve more kids so that children can derive more pleasure and they should be away from all these cameras and studio lights to have real fun.They should not be taught to be funny,it should be naturally inspired.
It can be a Drama or Dance dramas ,debates anything...which involve more number of kids which are very exciting and funny.

Hope the kids of today will allot more time for some interesting activities and have more interesting extra curricular moments in future to cherish in next post.....