Thursday, December 19, 2013

Amazing Andaman-Photo Essay 3

Resuming my photo essay on Andaman Islands.I plan to cover Jollybuoy Island and Mount Harriet of Andaman in this essay.
Jollybuoy Island is a very small island and they maintain a strict eco vigilance in this island.The hues of the water here is breathtaking.
Hues of Jollybuoy waters,Andaman 
From Portblair ,we have to travel to wandoor jetty by road for 45 minutes and take a boat  to Jollybuoy Island.Boat ride is superb, we pass through rich mangrove forests bordering on both sides of the Sea water.
Real Jolly ride.
Scenery during boat ride to Jollybuoy,Andaman
Huge Green trees are real feast to eyes.
Huge trees enroute Jolly buoy, Andaman
In some places the contrast in Natural shades is very beautiful and pleasant.Picturesque.
Enroute Jollybuoy Island,Andaman
Marshy Mangroves enroute Jolly buoy,Andaman
Jolly buoy Island from a distance,Andaman
Jollybuoy Island has got a very narrow strip of beach and more dangerous water currents.Will deal with it in detail in my travelogue.
Corals and Fishes are abundant in this protected zone,so best for snorkeling and glass bottom rides.
Full view of Jolly buoy,Andaman
Lovely shades of water as it gradually turns from transparence to turquoise blue to deep blue.Just mesmerising.Must visit place of Andaman.
Mesmerising shades of Jollybuoy,Andaman
Next is Mount Hariet visit.It was slightly raining on the day of our visit but still it was a welcome change from blues to greens.Thick emerald trees en route to Mt hariet were nodding their heads  happily welcoming the sprinkling showers from clouds.
To reach Mt Harriet,you take a boat ride from port blair which also acts as a carrier for vehicles.
Boat to Mount Harriet,Andaman
Road travel towards Mount Harriet is very beautiful.The photo in the back of twenty rupees Indian rupee note was captured in this spot.North Bay light House is visible from this place and coconut trees bordering the scene is really Superb.
The scene behind Indian twenty rupee note,Mount Harriet,Andaman
The peak is also beautiful with a well maintained garden,small nicobari hut and different view points which allows you to take snaps.
Mount Harriet,Andaman
Mount Harriet offers magnificient views from a height.Different types of flowers and trees are real treat to a botany lover.
View from Mount Harriet,Andaman
Route to Mount Harriet ,Andaman
So...Friends...I ve completed all 3 photo essays on Andaman.But still I feel that these photos cannot do justice to the splendid beauty of Andaman.This is just a glimpse of the Amazing and beautiful Andaman.See you soon with lots of details and our interesting experience during our trip to Andaman in my travelogues.Bye for now.CU soon.

Monday, December 9, 2013

AAP's Victory- Stunning Victory of a Common Man!

Taking a small break from my Photo Essays and Travelogues of Andaman.Would like to celebrate the Victory of a Common Man in Indian Politics.Yesterday was a cool Sunday with hot reverberations in our National Capital ;-) :-).
While gorging hot crispy Adais lazily ,I was watching Election Results with a laid back attitude.It was Arnab Goswami or Rajdeep Sardesai for me.( I stopped watching NDTV after Nira radia Tapes Leak).With the scores trickling slowly,suddenly my eyeballs grabbed the score of AAP and it was a sweet surprise.Wow! At last Indian Voter has woken up.In spite of my political preferences,I was happy to see the Common Man with a Broom to the altar of Power(Unfortunately he couldn't reach the magical figure).
The suave, stylish politicians who brushed aside AAP's presence with a snobbish "Who is Arvind Kejriwal" before elections had to swallow the bitter pill and confine themselves in their posh Bungalows to avoid snooping paparazzi crowd ;-).What a shocker!This is more thrilling than a Masala Movie yaar!.
A famous editor who was sitting as a panelist for election analysis, was visibly disturbed by the emergence of AAP because of his loyalty to Congress ,( he owed his loyalty  because Vajpayee's PMO raided his office twice :-) ,He himself admitted this in Tmes Now Newshour debate with a wine goblet in his hand ;-) :-)), He was compelled to sing the chorus in hailing AAP' s victory:-) .It was a real comedy.Why to single him out?.Many posh and elite panelists in various TV shows had to sing the chorus of the common man along with him(Mainly because of their Anti Modi Stand ;-) ,not because of  support to the common Man).Funny panelists of Indian Media!
If they were very much worried of the common man's woes all these days,Where were they hiding when lots of scams broke out?.They knew that their doles will be cut if they talk out openly against the regime.Then how can they continue with their Stylish Lifestyle which they enjoy  today.
I would like to ask these panelists a very simple question,Do any of these people venture into the vegetable market or Grocery shops to buy daily needs to fill the bellies of their tired and hungry children waiting in the homes for the stoves to be lit?.Do any of them worry about the future of the kids,pension less old age like a normal middle class man?.They can't.It is very easy to use fancy words in discussions and writing articles about a common man's suffering but living in their shoes is really difficult..The soaring vegetable prices,Petrol,Diesel and all necessary items have caused enormous burden on the slender shoulders of the common man who always is in the receiving end of these politicians,who with their enormous selfishness and never ending greed indulge in corruption,waste hard earned tax money paid by the salaried class by announcing some stupid schemes which never reach the common man and ultimately shed crocodile tears during Elections.
Today the common man has woken up from his deep slumber.He wants his voice to be heard.He wants to tell the world that he cannot be corrupted by distribution of booze and freebies before the Poll day.It is not only educated voters who have voted for AAP. AAP's vote share cuts barriers of castes,creed,economic background,religion.What a superb verdict by a common man! Lovely! Kudos to Common Man.
In spite of the fake sting operation conducted on AAP leaders(I would like to say that 90% of sting operations are fake)  by some selfish self styled journos,AAP has won!This is a proof that the common man is not very much bothered about silly stings when their day to day  livelihood and expenses are stinging venomously on them in the form of price rise.Sting operations can be a fodder for News channels but not for a common man.
Irony is ,those who came to power with Aam Aadmi slogan are routed by the Aam Aadmi party.:-)
Let the Aam Aadmi can be called as 'Mango Man' with a light hearted banter ;-) :-) by the powerful people of Delhi corridors,but he is the one who decides the fate of powerful and mighty.
AAP ka Victory is HAMARA Victory! Enjoying this moment with contentment and happiness because this will pave way for a good democracy free of corruption and political chameleons.Thank you AAP for strengthening Common Man.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Amazing Andaman- Photo Essay 2

Hi,presenting my 2 nd Photo Essay on our Andaman Visit.I plan to cover Havelock Island in this Photo Essay. Havelock Islands are in South Andaman.One of the most beautiful and a MUST visit place in Andaman.
We reached Havelock Island  by speed boat Makruzz.It was a turbulent journey for me.After reaching Havelock,I regained my enthusiasm at the very first sight of the jetty and surrounding clean waters.Could see the Sea bed clearly.Beautiful.

Havelock Jetty,Andaman

Havelock is a small island which consists of beautiful beaches and resorts.We stayed in Holiday Inn Resort which was near Vijaya nagar Beach.
Holiday Inn resort  from Beach side,Havelock Islands,Andaman

Details and Feed back on Holiday Inn resort will follow in my Travelogue.Now I am giving glimpses on Havelock Island which is one of the most beautiful place in Andaman.
Vijay nagar Beach is located in eastern coast of Havelock,If you are lucky enough and plan your trip according to phases of moon,you get to see a beautiful turquoise blue water near the resort itself.
VijayNagar Beach,Havelock Islands,Andaman

The water is clear and during low tides ,if you venture into the Sea which is strewn with small rocks you get to see lots of shells, small corals in ankle deep water.
Intricate designs on a small  coral.
This small coral  was found in Vijay nagar beach Sea during low tide.This is a clear testimony of clarity of water,because this coral was captured under water.

Vijay Nagar Beach,Havelock Islands,Andaman

Since it is in the east coast of Havelock you get to see the Sunrise(if you wish to sacrifice your precious early morning sleep;-) ).Sunrise is around 4.45 am :-).
Radhanagar Beach is one of the major attraction in Havelock.Its vast expanse of shoreline,shallow water makes it a good place for playing and swimming around.White sand ,clear water and beautiful sunset adds to the attraction.
Radhanagar Beach,Havelock Islands,Andaman
 Tourists wait till the Sunset to catch the glimpse of beautiful fiery orange falling in the distant horizon painted with different hues of red,crimson and yellow.Awesome.
Sunset at Radhanagar beach,Havelock Islands,Andaman
 If sunset in Radhanagar is rich and opulent for its wide angle view,Sunrise in vijayanagar offers a raw,rugged but splendid version of the orange ball popping out of the Sea.
Sunrise in Vijaya nagar Beach,Havelock Islands,Andaman
White sand with sparkling golden particles ....Magnificient.
During havelock stay we cannot miss Elephant beach which is famous for clear waters,Sea walk and snorkeling.
Elephant Beach as seen from  a distance,Andaman
 Elephant beach is a small narrow stretch of white sand with lots of trees as any other island of Andaman.
Sea walk can be tried in this beach.From this beach they take us in a small boat  to a bigger boat from which Sea walk diving is done.Amazing experience.
Boat from which Sea walk diving takes place
 We returned by coastal cruise to Havelock.It was a less turbulent journey for me.
Coastal Cruise,Havelock Islands,Andaman
I ll come back after a very short break with my third photo essay on Andaman.still my memories  floating in the waves of Andaman.CU soon.