Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rajni -The Phenomenon of South

Hi! resuming my blogging activity after a long time.
Warning 1:
 If the readers think that I am writing this post as a marketing strategy for "Endhiran/Robot" ,HaHaHa! they 've mistaken my intentions because Rajni doesn't need  Padma's Brainspace for promoting his film.It's already breaking records.
Warning 2:
If you are a Rajni fan, please continue reading.If you are not a Rajni fan,you should  continue reading this :-) to clarify your doubts,why we south Indians are obsessed with our matinee idol (and we are not ashamed of it).
Warning 3
This is a Big post!

This post is to analyze the human psychology behind a normal, average looking ,dark man's  colossal rise in an industry which gave importance to wheatish complexioned men during his time.

Rajni kanth, born as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad ,in a maharashtrian family had very humble beginning with situations forcing him to do some odd jobs as a 'Coolie' to help his family.He joined Bangalore Transport Service as a Conductor.Later on, he joined Film Institute,Chennai to do a course in acting.He completed his basic course in acting, and started his career with supporting roles,especially negative.He gave a refreshing change  to the typical negative characters with his stylized delivery of dialogues and mannerisms.I think this was a turning point in films when spectators started loving a negative,wicked character.

When his potential was experimented by some famous directors for roles of a protagonist, Rajni was welcomed with open hands by Tamil public.I contribute his partial success to the Tamil nadu's geographical location which almost  kisses the equator.We Tamilians are dark skinned people and of course largest consumers of 'Fair and lovely' :-)  and want to become somewhat wheatish ;-)
 But Rajnikanth transformed this fairness fixation of Tamilians by proving that a dark horse can also see a huge success in Life.People of Tamil nadu could easily associate themselves with Rajni, a dark hero who was capable of  beating and thrashing down the villains.I think we had a great image boost, increased self esteem about our looks and in fact accepting and feeling proud of our dark complexion with Rajni's entry.This huge psychological boost paved way for many dark heroes with normal looks in Tamil film Industry.I don't deny that before rajni,there were no dark heroes.There were...but had to apply loads of pancakes to look fair.You may wonder why I am emphasizing on Complexion behind Rajni's victory,the reason being, he couldn't make a great impact in Bollywood,because hindi movie viewers are still obsessed with fair complexioned,good looking  heroes and if you want to contradict my statement ,show me one dark hero in Hindi film Industry. Let it be..I am not here to discuss the Great North / South Divide of our Country which is still wide with a great rift.That is a very sensitive and painful topic for me.I ll proceed with the core point of my post,Rajni's success.

Next important factor is his spiritualism.Are you surprised? Yes,Rajni is a very spiritual person with deep belief in his faith.When one sect of people enjoyed his style,spiritualsts saw the rising of a man by the miracles of his Saint Shri Raghavendra swami.A positive boost for their belief strengthened by his success story.

Next,his movies are designed for  family audience.Parents  take their children to Rajni films without much fear of getting embarrassed by vulgar scenes.When his contemporary Kamal Hassan tries to kiss all his heroines with such passion ;-) leaving the heroine choked and breathless:-):-) ,On the contrary ,Rajni's films are very decent with only entertaining intentions.

I like to confess that I was a huge fan of Kamal but got repelled after his kissing ventures started.And there is no doubt that Kamal, as a performer is great versatile actor.
If u think that each and every Tamilian is a fan of Rajni,you are thoroughly mistaken because there are many people who don't bother about his films and are more fond of other Tamil films which cover different topics in different styles.There is much more in Tamil films than Rajni's masala movies.
Rajni Movies' Entertainment Quotient is very high. His Dialogue delivery, Style , Great Humour, Stunts is loved by all sections of society.He has a huge fan following among children.My son Aditya is also a great fan.He became a fan when he was 4 years old after watching film 'Padayappa'.

Super Human stunts which are criticised by many people is also a big factor behind his victory.
When Rajni pulps down the villain with all stylized,super human stunts,  people like me sit back, watch,whistle and feel happy.Reason being,I am a normal human being who reads newspaper,gets agitated by the atrocities of the bad elements in our day to day life. So,when a reel life villain gets thrashed with such a style, I am out of my tensions for 3 hours.
Rajni also has given hits in emotional melodramas in few Tamil films.So,his non masala movies have also become a hit.

Simplicity, such an awe inspiring simple man who still knows his roots well.In today's materialistic world, we see successful friends who love to forget their normal old pals ,when there is a clash of status .But this man,with such a gargantuan image still reaches out to his old conductor friends. Hats off Rajni!

Last  but not the least,his philanthropy.Sharing his profits with the ace directors and actors of yesteryears who are cruelly dumped into poverty by film industry for their failures.He is known for his innumerable charities.He reimburses all his distributors if his film doesn't click in the box office .Is there any other actor who compensates for losses caused due to him?

But,one doubt prevails in my mind.Japanese and  Germans who are much fairer than our looks obsessed Indian counterparts  love Rajni and his films 'Muthu' and 'Chandramukhi'  were a cult hit in Japan and Germany respectively. I am puzzled by this point.What is the psychology behind this? I give you a chance to analyze and tell me.Ok? Bye! CU in my next post!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swami OctopusAnanda in India!

Hi Everybody! Back to blogging after a short Hibernation. Inspiration to this blog..none other than our great eight leggie swamiji paulananda.
I am addressing this blog to my mollusc friend paulji on behalf of all Indians;) who are very much impressed by his Oracle ;) rather than the FIFA games with Jabulani .

My dear rev Swamiji,

Today's morning headlines have upset me more than the soaring veggie price.;) Are u planning to retire?
 NO! Swamiji ! I am not able to bear this news ,tears rolling down my eyes  with  pain;),I invite u to India.
These Germans are thankless to u.Just bcos you had predicted their defeat against spain ,they want you to boil in soup or on seafood platters. How cruel? We Indians are not thankless creatures like them,even though if you had predicted India's defeat in cricket world cup(that too against pak), we would have hailed you as a hero,because for us Indians ,predictions are more important than India's Victory :)
So,please extend your tentacles to Indian shores. Here you ll have a prosperous career. If you want,I can be your guide/spokesperson in India.I  have typical thought process of an average Indian, So I guarantee you immediate celebrity status in Indian soil.
First I ll stitch a silky ochre eight legged garb for you.(Cotton ochre is for real saints;) not for money making swamijis):)  from fashion designers like Manish Malhotra or Ritu kumar so that your value will shoot up instantaneously with our Fashion conscious Indians. (Ignore the langot clad BPL Indians,I am not interested in their clientele..I am more interested in the moneyed Socialites of India for our business venture).

Scope of your business will vary from predictions of  Bollywood releases to matching matrimonial kundalis.
Fate of Duds like "Raavan"/Ram gopal verma's movies will be easy for you to predict even before it's shooting starts.;) So,You need not take much pain in such predictions.
I suggest you to give some other starting letter for Rakesh Roshan's  & KJO 's  movies and Ekta kapoor's silly,boring serials other than "KKKK". Because I am tired of KKKKKKK now :)
We can also mint money by suggesting lucky colors for our politicians. Take TN CM Karuna for example,He rode his Anti Superstition chariot to the power and today he is so madly obsessed with yellow colour, that entire Classical Tamil conference had a designer Jaundice look :).

But Beware of Sting operations paulji! If any hidden camera finds you in any mischievous position with a dusky actress of waning career (in other words, your devotee rendering disinterested ?;) service to you;) , then you ll land into trouble. So ,please ensure that there are no hidden cameras in your aquarium before venturing into any naughty games with a bimbette devotee;) because it is the untold rule of  Indian fake Godmen Industry to have some beautiful apsaras around them and you should not be an exception, And I would love to tell you that  in India, Swamiji's value shoots up as they get involved into more scandals and amass lots of property.:) and as the spokesperson of  my beloved paulswami,I ll manage the situation by bribing the media and politicians . In India,everything is possible Swamiji.So, don't worry!

One more important thing paulji! Don't give Free darshan to anybody.That will downgrade you.We ll fix varying rates  for  your Darshan.
I feet Distance- 1 lac / min
2 feet              -50,000/min

Western Press calls you Psychic paul, very rough,cruel and unkind adjective to describe you. In India,we ll elevate you to the status of Godman and will prefix adjectives like His Holiness etc..

What are you waiting for? Octopusji! Leave that Sealife Oberhausen Aquarium and come to India!

Yours sincerely
Future Spokesperson of Octoped paulji-  Biped Padmananda assistantji!

OK! CU in next post!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Is Rancho Right?

In this post, I assume that many of you' ve seen the film "3 Idiots".For those who've not seen the film ,Rancho is the name of the protagonist played by Aamir khan.

I am going to deal with only one point which Rancho propagates..."Follow your heart as far as career is concerned.Don't succumb to parental pressures".

In India,Is this possible Mr.Rancho?

Here our Hockey players have to fight for a paltry remuneration..and only mistake they ve made is ,they followed their passion as far as their career is concerned.I think that they deserve much more than what they ve really got in this deal with Hockey association.Do you think that the hardwork ,physical exertion ,amount of sweat is less than cricket or soccer?

Take any field for that matter,all talented musicians never end up like A R Rahman or Ilayaraja.Many of them struggle for their livelihood or conduct orchestras for meagre compensation.

Rancho's friend Farhan Qureshi(played by Madhavan) becomes a successful wildlife photographer after writing a letter and by sending some fabulous photos to an expert in this field
and get some interesting assignments..In India this is an absolute and fantastic dream of each and every aspiring teen,Mr.Rancho!.
In India, everyday million passionate singers(includes me too;-) are born and if all of them send their recordings to the handful of existing music directors and sit quietly without a decent degree
,do you think that they can fend for themselves?So,before following the passion please ensure that our youth have to be trained to face the brutal reality of denials and failures.

This is India! Rancho! Lots of cut throat competition is it Sports,Music.,writing, the field and u have a long line of competitors.

Have to wait in a long queue even in front of PAY and USE Toilet,if you are careless enough to miss the number in the Q,u may have to end up red faced with horrible consequences;-))

Abhinav Bindra could confidently shoot and get a gold medal because his dad is a millionaire and he did not have to worry whether he' ll get a government sponsored clerical job for his achievement in sports.He didn't have to wait patiently for sponsors . So he could follow his passion.But what about millions of talented,passionate Abhinavs who don't know how many zeroes are there in a million , but have lots of dreams in their eyes.At the end of the day there should be some decent remuneration for our passion to earn our bread and butter.isn't it?
So,many Indian Mozarts are toiling in Indian Call centres,BPOs and those who don't want to sell their passions for trivial amount end up as Homemakers, brooding and writing a requiem for their own passions.

Do I sound pessimistic? But am I not realistic too?

Are there good facilities,Academies with various interests(they have only one interest which increases the interest of the loan taken by parents;-))) which can provide indepth research facilities where we can connect with our passion? and above all We, Indians have the typical "Jack of all trades and Master of None " Syndrome, so before we start identifying our passion we find ourselves in the final year of a useless degree course:(,where we got admitted like cattle herd with so much unwanted nailbiting competition;-))

So,the conclusion is...

If the parents have enough financial backing ,then better send their kids to good Foreign Universities where they can provide good indepth research facilities for the kids to pursue with their field of interest and for the rest of us all Indians, Let us look upto the West to spot the Rising Sun;-)) and above all ...Sorry! Rancho! :-)))
CU in next post!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Fond Memories of Karde Trip

Hi!Happy New Year !Let this new year bring waves of happiness to all of u!.

First let me explain where Karde Beach is located for people who are unaware of Maharashtra's beautiful locales.

Karde is one of the finest beaches in Konkan coast of Maharashtra.Thanks to the poor Marketing strategy of Maharashtra Tourism Dept.,many beaches in this coast are untouched and non commercial.Karde is 13 kms away from Dapoli town (Ratnagiri District) which is in Konkan coast.Nearest Railway station is Khed in Konkan Railways.The distance from pune to karde is approx.225 kms.Surrounded by many hillocks ,rivers,rivulets and amazing landscapes Konkan region is a feast to a nature lover's eyes.

I ve planned to write this post in a more personal way rather regular formal travelogues.So,readers who expect stereotype travelogue are permitted;-) to skip this post.
One more warning!This is a big post bcos I have lots of things to narrate..;-)So have patience.;-)

Score was the headcount of our group,so planning started well in advance. Hotel Booking was done through Mr.Damle of pune. Vehicle booking was done through Mr.Somani.(Contact numbers of persons mentioned in this post will be given on request).

27th Dec was the D Day and with all the excitement and happiness the Mini bus started with a roaring "Ganpati Bappa Morya" at 6.30 am.But happiness lasted only for an hour.HemantRao noticed the pitiable condition of the tyres and showed it to us.Tyres were on the last stage of their life cycle;-)
Praying to Almighty we proceeded further.We took the Varandh Ghat Route which is quite famous for its unfriendly twists and turns.But that route offers some of the breathtaking views of Sahyadri mountain Range.We stopped the Bus at a viewpoint and had Bhajjis and Tea from the Food stalls which were busy due to the holiday season.Our next stop was Vitthal Kamat Restaurant in Mahad.10 Kms away from Mahad was a sign board for Dapoli(57 kms) and we turned to left and proceeded ..suddenly our driver remembered that he forgot(!!!) to fuel the vehicle.This naturally fuelled our anger but couldn't help but reverse back to Mahad to fuel the bus and again returned back via the same route.We spotted a lovely big tree and immediately jumped there with our lunch packets and fuelled ourselves and some of our members took a break by playing frisbee and volleyball.
Yummy lunch paved way for a lovely siesta,suddenly a thumping noise disturbed my dream;-) and I noticed that vehicle was in stationary mode.Pat shouted"Puncture Zali"..
Oh!No! All of us got down to see what had happened.One of the tyres had kicked the bucket:-)..Driver started explaining that a stone has entered the tyre and punctured it.Rajen quipped"even a finger is enough to puncture this tyre":-).Luckily Bus got punctured near a scenic lake,so immediately Ravindra and other young members vanished from puncture spot and started taking pics near the lake.But I was the self proclaimed Chief Tour Operator(CTO);-))) ,so I was bit tensed,as a result;-) our travel agent was bombarded by Rajendra:-)).

Ghat Road was quite narrow,so traffic had to be regulated.Baba(My FIL) took incharge of Traffic Control(!!!) and used his maroon color jacket as a flag;-)He shook the jacket in such a way that drivers of other vehicles got terrorised;-)) , tensely applied their brakes and My FIL sincerely;-)) asked them to drive further;-))).
Stepney was also in miserable condition but no other go...Driver changed the stepney.After the Mobile missiles,our Travel Agent promised us to send a brand new vehicle in the morning:-)).
After Stepney fitting ceremony,our Bus proceeded towards Dapoli.
Sign Boards are very small in this region.Karde/Murud diversion was indicated in a small sign Board and it is very easy to miss that Board.We took the deviation to Karde Road.Road was in quite bad condition.But Arabian Sea in the right side made us forget the troubled journey.We dropped Phatak company in Hotel Sagar Hill which was just 200 metres away from Hotel Seaface in which we were staying.

Rooms in Hotel SeaFace are spacious ,you can have a splendid view of the Sea from Room itself.
But BathRoom cum Toilet was very small;-)).There are only 4 or 5 resorts in Karde and surprisingly Tariff is very nominal.(Rs.832-Rs.1500).Food in Hotel Seaface was delicious.Hotel staff were very friendly and helpful.

When we reached the Hotel in the evening ,a boatman who arranges for Dolphin Safaris approached us and we booked a boat for next morning 8.30 am for Rs.1500/- for our group.

Karde Beach is serene and idyllic place for a vacation.It has got a very flat beach, shallow waters and soft sand.In the night we couldnt resist our temptation to reach to the sea.We took our Torch lights and went to the Beach in the night, strolled there aimlessly and came back.I swear,it is a great feeling to wander in the beach in the night.

One major problem we faced in this Hotel was non availability of early morning Tea.Their kitchen started after 7 am.
Thanks to Mr.Somani's sincerity,next morning a new bus in good condition arrived at our Hotel and this cheered us a lot.
At 8.30 am we assembled in the Beach and set in to the Sea for seeing Dolphins in dingy(fisherman boats) with Yamaha engine. We couldn't see Dolphins for first 15 minutes.After that Dolphins dived,flipped, was really worth watching.So,immediately we decided for another trip on 30 th morning 7.oo am.
After returning from Dolphin safari,We pitched in our beach cabana, played in the beach with frisbee,volley ball, had a great time,returned to Hotel,and had a delicious lunch.Post lunch,we rushed to the timepass hut in our hotel and played cards there,tied kinna to the kites.Around 3.30 pm preeti shouted excitedly "wow!parasailing!..."
In karde,Parasailing is done by tying the parachute to a jeep and we can glide upto 100 to 150 mts.They charge Rs.300/- per person.

After an hour,we got ready and rushed to the beach, 7 of us did paragliding.For me, it was the first time,I was quite nervous but excited.Before I could get the feel of it,I landed safely;-).
Tej got bored and wanted a change so we ventured to Dapoli for our dinner.But poor thing,He had to satisfy himself with homely meals at a place which was run by Soman &family.He couldn't get his favourite chinese food.;-)
In Konkan region you can find many such places where they prepare homely food for have to place the order 2 hours well in advance.
Next day was Anjarle.Anjarle is 24 kms from Dapoli.Route to Anjarle itself is very scenic.We had to cross the Anjarle creek(Jog River) over a beautiful bridge .We stopped for a few minutes in a view point to have a magnificient view of Arabian Sea and suvarnadurg fort of Harnai and on the right side we could spot the shining white Anjarle Temple.Anjarle Ganpati Temple is very famous and here ganpati is known as "Nawsala paavnaara Ganpati" in marathi(meaning" who responds immediately to the desperate call of a devotee")
Before reaching Anjarle we informed Siddhi vinayak Tourist centre in Anjarle village to arrange food for us.The temple was very calm and peaceful.
We reached the siddhivinayak center of Anjarle village.This place is very beautiful.This is run by Mr.Nijsure & family.They' ve got some rooms near the beach also..
Entire stretch (around 150 mts) from the entrance to the dining place was having shady trees and plantations of coconut,betelnut,mango,banana.The pathway was just more than a metre wide.This pathway leads to the dining hall which is facing the Anjarle Beach.We had a tasty lunch here.Immediately we went to the beach.Anjarle beach is also a very flat beach with wide expanses.There we flew some kites and Tanav relished some sand;-).It was a cloudy day.So had a good time rolling on the sand facing the sky and passing clouds.There was no one in the beach except our group.After 2 hours we had Tea ,collected some dried wood and logs for campfire,I was quite afraid of the reptiles peeping out;-)but Ravindra and Vinsu were so enthusiastic,they collected all possible material for campfire and dumped them in the bus to our driver's dismay;-)). By Sunset we reached Karde.

Next day morning we again ventured into Sea for spotting Dolphins.But could spot only the fins.:( and returned back.We pitched the white tent in the beach and just freaked out in the beach.After the lunch,I was just dozing,Baba and Preeti's mom knocked our door heavily and shouting"Dolphins on the Shore!"."Dolphins on the shore?"I bounced from the bed and ran towards the beach in the hot Sun to meet the rare visitors.Adi (who loves Discovery and National Geo channels and their photographers ) had already rushed with a camera;-) and vinsu was running behind him.Running under the hot Sun made us panting for breath.Oops!They were black rocks shining in the Sun.Low tide had ebbed out that the rocks which were not visible in the morning were now shining:-) at us.After coming back to Hotel,there was a roaring, teasing laughter from our group members and we braved it and gracefully accepted the title "3 Idiots" which was conferred on us by them:-))).

At 3 pm ,We started out for Keshav
Raj temple which was near Asud(approx 5km from Dapoli and turn right),KeshavRaj Temple is located amidst lush green land,lovely stream and folding hills.We have to trek for half an hour through a beautiful stretch which has lots of palm ,coconut,betelnut,cashewnut and mango plantations.We have to climb down one hill,cross a small narrow over bridge built on a lovely stream and again climb up a small hill to reach the temple.The entire place is filled with tranquility except for occasional chirping of birds.The temple is also very peaceful.
On our way back,we stopped at Murud Beach, watched the Sea turning crimson red during the Sunset.Murud is a commercial beach when compared to other konkan beaches.After finishing with Camel Rides,Bullock cart Rides we returned back.
On 31st morning we went to Harnai Swarnadurg fort.Inside ,it is in ruins,but we walked through the huge steps and amazing secret getaways of the fort.We had our lunch in Hotel Vrindavan in Dapoli(here Tejas got his chinese food:-)) and went to Chandika Devi Mandir in Dabhol which is 27 kms from Dapoli.
The temple is in an underground natural cave.To reach the deity you have to go through a low darkened passage which has only oil lit lamps.The deity here is believed to be swayambhu,which is formed naturally on its own. The location of this temple is very beautiful,rocky and rugged and worth visiting.
On 31st night we had a sumptuous dinner,lit campfire,self arranged DJ party;-))(full credits to Hemant Rao) in the Hotel's timepass hut,all of us danced with effervescent energy to welcome the new year, watched the Full moon high tide touching the edge of the beach...These are the lovely memories which I would love to etch in my mind and now waiting for the next Freak out Trip.Cu in my next post.Hope to keep my next post a shorter one;-)))