Thursday, September 13, 2012

Freedom of Expression- Jailed!!!

Hi! After a very short break! So...Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi is released from jail after a big hungama by creative artists and media.Forget about freedom! Do we have any ordinary right to express our self? ooohhh! My hand shivers while writing this post because of  fear ;-) If the authorities are going to imprison the artists in the name of sedition,then entire population of this country should be behind bars ;-) because each and every citizen is mocking the government at least in his/her mind if not in action :-) for the corruption,CorruPTION,CORRUPTION.Tired of it yaar! Everyday some new scam! 2G scam,coal gate scam,sting operations,accusations....SILENCE and SILENCE from the government side.People who are really having ooh! la!la! merry days are the media for such  a nutritious fodder;-) . Let hundreds of Anna Hazares,Kejriwals and kiran bedis protest ,let them fast till dehydration...No response from anyone. Complete SILENCE! I ve learnt that SILENCE is GOLDEN! But not up to this extent! ;-)
But these situations create more triggers to the humour cells of our artists and one such cartoon which impressed me was the one by Ninan in Times of India. Hope Ninan is safe after this cartoon!;-) :-)

Had a hearty laugh along with these people.Thanks Mr.Ninan for bringing down our stress levels!

But what about the sedition law section 124-A? Should we loose the freedom to express ourselves and this freedom is very much guaranteed by our constitution.Should we live like 3 famous monkeys "shut eyes,ears and mouth" towards corruption and scams? Should we develop a careless attitude towards our Nation and its mounting problems? As a dutiful Indian what I m supposed to do? Shut my mouth and look at the events as a silent spectator or  raise my voice against all these atrocities?  Jai Hind! I love my country! But would like to raise my voice against all evils! Quite Confused!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Homely Megaaaaaaa Serials! :-( ;-) :-)

Hi! Writing a post after a long break! Anyway I know that nobody is bothered much about this break. :-)
Trigger to this post - Yesterday My MIL's TV signals went phut for few hours.I could sense a tense,high octane  environment in their entire flat.Reason :- They were going to miss their mega serials ;-) :-)
This forced me to do some sincere 'Navas' / 'Vendudhal' or prayers to Almighty ;-) for sending the signals  to knock our TV as  soon as possible so that  peace could be restored soon :-) (My Prayers were more sincere than hom, havan and yagna to Rain Gods ;-) :-) )
Not only my MIL, Grand Octogenarian Matriarchs of our family , both grand MILS (Rajen's Grand Moms) who are in their late 80's are so...oo much addicted to these serials, that they never mind watching repeat episodes of these serials  umpteen number of times :-). The highlight is both of them start discussing about the serials in a way which is similar to our News anchors' discussion with famous guests in their studio ;-) :-). And at the end of the day, both of them create a new story based on their perception :-) bcos both have poor hearing ability :-).
I don't watch these serials but do get frequent updates of these serials when I go to their flat to attend them(just opposite to ours). I get such an enthusiastic review from them it is hard to resist their sincere participation in that mega event :-).When I become the spectator of their narration,it encourages them further  to watch serials.But credibility of review :- Only my MIL bcos she is the one who can give good and correct review :-) ;-)
Back to the main story, Megaaa serials,
I want to examine the contents of the brains of these serial writers. So innovative and creative! :-)
Dead people suddenly become alive, Hale and healthy persons are sent to heaven according to the convenience and will of directors and artists.Above all, Coma and serious  health issues are handled  so ruthlessly in these serials.
Patient who suddenly wakes up from coma(!) after 10 or 20 years ;-) is so neatly dressed up with all matching accessories and latest chiffon sarees with designer blouses.;-) :-)
Patient in hospital beds are dressed up as if they are readying themselves to attend a wedding.

Stories are also not so different from one another.Love,Money,Woman,Property are the core issues in all the serials.
You can't predict when a good person will turn to be a bad one and bad will turn to be a good one.:-)

The character which should be actually 120 years according to the story line wears crispy cotton sarees, dyed hair and is so stylish. ;-) :-) And adding to my woes are the jarring background music.

But one common thing in all these serials, Women play both positive and negative characters.Grey shades and all shades :-) Men are more or like dummies:-)
Only Consoling and positive point about these serials are they keep the senior citizens of our house very happy  and help them  in keeping the creative cells of their brains active :-) and  after the serial is over, they keep themselves busy in analysing  the future course of the story ;-) .Never mind if they mix up the stories of 2 or 3 serials  in that process;-) The mixed version of their stories are even more interesting and spicier than the original. :-)
Now it's time for me to get latest updates of the serials from them.Bye! CU in next post!