Friday, January 7, 2011

Photo Essay on Tarkarli

Hi! After a long time,I am resuming my blogging activity.December is over.So time for my Travelogue:-)
This Travelogue I ve planned to write in two parts.First, a photo essay on Tarkarli,next will be the detailed write up on our lovely experiences .
As I ve already wriiten in my blog on Karde, Konkan region of Maharashtra is blessed with beautiful landscapes.
Tarkarli is one more strong testimonial for my statement.If I have to express it in simple words"Tarkarli is the Real God's own Country".

Western ghats is known as Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra.Gaganbawda ghat section is one of the gateway from Kolhapur to Konkan region.
Beautiful,lovely and magnificient mountains really make us feel like ants.This is the topmost point of gaganbawda ghat section.
Gaganbawda ghats

Mtdc cottages and Tarkarli  is the best combination,because it is MTDC which has developed Tarkarli into a hot tourist destination.Cottages are good. Ambience excellent.Detailed review will follow up in my write up.
MTDC Duplex Cottages.

Tarkarli beach is known for its crystal clear water.Before going to Tarkarli I thought that it was a marketing gimmick,but water is really clear, peaceful.

Sunset at Tarkarli Beach

Jai ganesh Mandir in Malvan(7 kms away from Tarkarli) was built by Jayant Salgaonkar of Kalnirnay group.Ganesh Idol is made of Gold.Blissful.

Golden Ganpati
Karli Back waters in Devbag can give Kerala a run for their campaign,stunning ,idyllic.
Boating in Karli Backwaters

Karli Backwaters

Devbag Sangam or Confluence of Karli river and Arabian sea offers a spectacular,panoramic view. Excellent Experience.
Devbag  Sangam
Note the Sand mound in above photo.This sand mound is very loose,unstable and dangerous.Almost Quicksand which can pull objects inside.During Tsunami of 2005, a small piece of land got cut off from this main land and comfortably settled in backwater area near Sangam.That is now known as Tsunami Island.
One of Nivati Beach Rocks

Nivati Beach
Nivati Beach is situated near one more Bhogwe beach on the Vengurla side of  Confluence.This beach is serene ,tranquil and feast to a nature lover's eyes with its magnificient multicoloured rocks which reflect various hues of Sunlight.
Tsunami Island(around 1 and 1/2 acre area)  is an Oasis of calm amidst the Turbulent waves of the Arabian Sea.This piece of land was cut off from mainland during Tsunami.A Snack Stall which caters to the tourists is run by the nearby Residents in this Island now.
Snack Stall in Tsunami Island.
Sindhudurg fort is another major tourist attraction near Tarkarli.This Magnificient structure was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj with the rocks cut from nearby shores.This fort just makes you speechless and only thing you have to do is silently appreciate the grandeur.Majestic!
Sindhudurg Fort
But I would like to confess  that Photos have not done real justice to the actual beauty of this wonderful place.Tarkarli and its adjoining areas are far more beautiful than they appear in these photos.
So...Folks!Bye for now! This Photo Essay will be followed by a write up on our Experiences.C U Soon!

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