Monday, June 27, 2011

Life - A Sinusoidal Wave?

Hi ! Resuming blogging activity after a huge break!
A very philosophical topic.But it's quite interesting to ponder over philosophy now and then to rejuvenate our minds.right? But as label 'Padmaism' says  this blog is quite confusing,I permit you to skip..;-)
Rajnikanth(again? :-);-)) ...Don't worry! this blog is not about his superhuman stunts,but I would like to take a reference from one of his quotes which he narrated in an awards function.
"If at all you would like to reach Success ,just step down for a brief failure and again climb the steps towards Success.If you are standing on the peak for a long time ,you will stagnate there.what is left  for climbing up?.So have to come down for climbing up again"
It was a thought provoking one.I think it can be applied for our Life also.Not for just successes and failures.I don't think we should measure Life with one's Successes and Failures alone.We can measure life with our ability to learn from experiences it showers on us(meteroids or flowers).

Life reminds me of a sinusoidal wave,moving up and down carelessly,leaving happy memories as well as scars as it flows down the time line.It just leaves behind with beautiful footprints on its way for us to learn.These lessons are more valuable than the paper degrees we get in our academic classes.

Sometimes,Amplitude (magnitude) of Ups and Downs are huge and hard for us to handle.(more like a firm rock unaffected by a storm )and sometimes they are very light weighted and we can carry them very easily( like  sand carried over by breeze).
Frequency of Ups and Downs also varies, for some it is more and for lucky ones it is less.
But Life,being the greatest teacher,teaches us invaluable lessons.
Some lessons are like sugar coated bitter pills and some are really bitter pills.But both of them help us in recovering fast.
But Life is not negative always.Sinusoidal wave reaches the positive peak also.Eyes can shed tears in happy moments too.There are adverse times which shows some real goodhearted persons who just turn up for help and vanish like angels.There are moments when you cuddle upto your loved ones when you need them the most.Adverse circumstances provide moments of real understanding and support and they just help in strengthening the bond between the dear and near ones which create a great foundation for further steps. They  teach you to hold each other's hands tightly in a stormy situation. Even when one of the hand slips down due to slippery grounds or external stormy weather,the other loving hand manages to hold the grip tightly and is very strong enough to pull the other hand,helps to steady up on the ground together and  move forward to climb the steps again.Here Life is like a mother who shows her kid the true persons who really care for you and tears the mask of persons who dig your grave at your own backyard without your knowledge.But never mind!Just wonder on the turn of events and get over it fast!
Friends turning to foes,Foes turning to friends,Truths,Lies,Cheat,Anger,Jealousy,Happiness,Joy,Sorrows,Realizations,Repentences,Love,Merriment,Fun,Ambitions... Various expressions and patterns in Human behaviour. Quite interesting in revealing the undercurrent beneath the Complex Human mind. Lots of churning here and there.

In this process,Life just teaches us to separate the chaff from grains,to identify wolves roaming under lamb's coat , distinguish true friends who stand by you like rock and false friends who wither away like feathers.
Life gives opportunities to learn from one's own mistakes,and to correct ourselves.One who realizes and corrects his own mistakes is the best pupil in Life's School .He feels happy and blissful for the opportunity given to him. Ultimately, like the gold which has to be purified with fire ,these tough situations make us evolve into more purified form of ourselves and teach us to leave back the unwanted residual dark sediments to stagnate behind and not to let them hinder our future .
It teaches us not to be extremely angelic or devilish to others.
Being extremely angelic can allow others to take us for granted and being devilish can ruin other's lives.Both are not good for us.Treading a normal path is always better.
Whenever we reach the positive peak,we should not get carried away by the success but can still aspire for more and be level headed in case of a slight dip and during the negative troughs and failures be happy and positive because we have to just climb upwards for a happier future.