Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Amazing Andaman- Photo Essay 1

Islands studded amidst blue water,Andaman & Nicobar.
Hi,Back from the beautiful Andaman Islands.Still in the hangover mood about the picturesque piece of heaven planted on earth by nature.Wanted to refresh again the memories of turquoise blues,greens,corals shells...So started writing the series of Photo Essays on Andaman.I am planning to write travelogue also .

Even before landing at Port blair you get to see these lovely bits of small islands surrounded by different blue colours.Breathtaking views.Please request for a window seat in the flight.If you don't get a window seat,peep over your co passenger's head for these views.Never mind his/her irritation :-) View is worthier than his/her irritation.:-)

Small islands popping out of the Sea,Andaman&Nicobar

Large portion of this land, especially sand was submerged under water,leaving trees and greenery emerging out of the blue waters..Colours of the water...purples,blues .. Amazing.

Aberdeen Jetty near Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex is quite busy around morning 9.00 am because different boats take off from here for destinations like North bay,Ross Island ,Viper land etc.Look forward to my travelogues for more details.

Aberdeen Jetty ,Port blair,Andaman.
North Bay Island is reached  by boat from Port Blair.It takes around 30 minutes by boat.Water sports is the major attraction in North Bay because of its corals.There is no Proper beach as such in North Bay Island.
North Bay Island,Andaman.

Ross Island which is very near to Port Blair is the erstwhile capital of  Andaman during British Rule. Ruins of the old buildings serve as the remainders of the lavish lifestyle of the Britishers.
Ross Islands,Andaman.
When the foreign rulers lived a happy luxurious lives in Ross Island,dreadful cellular jail was built in Port Blair on a raised site which overlooks the Ross Islands.Cellular jail is dedicated as National Memorial as a mark of respect to the Freedom fighters.

Ross Islands as seen from Cellular Jail Terrace,Port Blair,Andaman.

One of the dark,terrible chapters of Indian Freedom Struggle was written in the form of Cellular Jail which was constructed for housing Freedom fighters as prisoners.Many Fighters became martyrs in the gallows and unhealthy environment of Cellular jail.This memorial stands as the mute witness to all those brutalities.A great Salute to all the Freedom Fighters.
Cellular Jail Entrance,Port Blair,Andaman.

Cells in the Jail,Port Blair,Andaman.
Cellular Jail was dedicated to the Nation by late honorable Prime Minister Morarji Desai.
The construction of prison started in 1896 and got completed in 1906.Even today the sight of the cells in the jail instills a sense of fear as well as reverence in us.
Light and Sound Show in Cellular Jail,Port Blair,Andaman.

I wind up the first photo essay for now.Will cu very soon with the photo essays and detailed travelogues about our exciting trip.