Thursday, December 19, 2013

Amazing Andaman-Photo Essay 3

Resuming my photo essay on Andaman Islands.I plan to cover Jollybuoy Island and Mount Harriet of Andaman in this essay.
Jollybuoy Island is a very small island and they maintain a strict eco vigilance in this island.The hues of the water here is breathtaking.
Hues of Jollybuoy waters,Andaman 
From Portblair ,we have to travel to wandoor jetty by road for 45 minutes and take a boat  to Jollybuoy Island.Boat ride is superb, we pass through rich mangrove forests bordering on both sides of the Sea water.
Real Jolly ride.
Scenery during boat ride to Jollybuoy,Andaman
Huge Green trees are real feast to eyes.
Huge trees enroute Jolly buoy, Andaman
In some places the contrast in Natural shades is very beautiful and pleasant.Picturesque.
Enroute Jollybuoy Island,Andaman
Marshy Mangroves enroute Jolly buoy,Andaman
Jolly buoy Island from a distance,Andaman
Jollybuoy Island has got a very narrow strip of beach and more dangerous water currents.Will deal with it in detail in my travelogue.
Corals and Fishes are abundant in this protected zone,so best for snorkeling and glass bottom rides.
Full view of Jolly buoy,Andaman
Lovely shades of water as it gradually turns from transparence to turquoise blue to deep blue.Just mesmerising.Must visit place of Andaman.
Mesmerising shades of Jollybuoy,Andaman
Next is Mount Hariet visit.It was slightly raining on the day of our visit but still it was a welcome change from blues to greens.Thick emerald trees en route to Mt hariet were nodding their heads  happily welcoming the sprinkling showers from clouds.
To reach Mt Harriet,you take a boat ride from port blair which also acts as a carrier for vehicles.
Boat to Mount Harriet,Andaman
Road travel towards Mount Harriet is very beautiful.The photo in the back of twenty rupees Indian rupee note was captured in this spot.North Bay light House is visible from this place and coconut trees bordering the scene is really Superb.
The scene behind Indian twenty rupee note,Mount Harriet,Andaman
The peak is also beautiful with a well maintained garden,small nicobari hut and different view points which allows you to take snaps.
Mount Harriet,Andaman
Mount Harriet offers magnificient views from a height.Different types of flowers and trees are real treat to a botany lover.
View from Mount Harriet,Andaman
Route to Mount Harriet ,Andaman
So...Friends...I ve completed all 3 photo essays on Andaman.But still I feel that these photos cannot do justice to the splendid beauty of Andaman.This is just a glimpse of the Amazing and beautiful Andaman.See you soon with lots of details and our interesting experience during our trip to Andaman in my travelogues.Bye for now.CU soon.

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