Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Amazing Andaman- Photo Essay 2

Hi,presenting my 2 nd Photo Essay on our Andaman Visit.I plan to cover Havelock Island in this Photo Essay. Havelock Islands are in South Andaman.One of the most beautiful and a MUST visit place in Andaman.
We reached Havelock Island  by speed boat Makruzz.It was a turbulent journey for me.After reaching Havelock,I regained my enthusiasm at the very first sight of the jetty and surrounding clean waters.Could see the Sea bed clearly.Beautiful.

Havelock Jetty,Andaman

Havelock is a small island which consists of beautiful beaches and resorts.We stayed in Holiday Inn Resort which was near Vijaya nagar Beach.
Holiday Inn resort  from Beach side,Havelock Islands,Andaman

Details and Feed back on Holiday Inn resort will follow in my Travelogue.Now I am giving glimpses on Havelock Island which is one of the most beautiful place in Andaman.
Vijay nagar Beach is located in eastern coast of Havelock,If you are lucky enough and plan your trip according to phases of moon,you get to see a beautiful turquoise blue water near the resort itself.
VijayNagar Beach,Havelock Islands,Andaman

The water is clear and during low tides ,if you venture into the Sea which is strewn with small rocks you get to see lots of shells, small corals in ankle deep water.
Intricate designs on a small  coral.
This small coral  was found in Vijay nagar beach Sea during low tide.This is a clear testimony of clarity of water,because this coral was captured under water.

Vijay Nagar Beach,Havelock Islands,Andaman

Since it is in the east coast of Havelock you get to see the Sunrise(if you wish to sacrifice your precious early morning sleep;-) ).Sunrise is around 4.45 am :-).
Radhanagar Beach is one of the major attraction in Havelock.Its vast expanse of shoreline,shallow water makes it a good place for playing and swimming around.White sand ,clear water and beautiful sunset adds to the attraction.
Radhanagar Beach,Havelock Islands,Andaman
 Tourists wait till the Sunset to catch the glimpse of beautiful fiery orange falling in the distant horizon painted with different hues of red,crimson and yellow.Awesome.
Sunset at Radhanagar beach,Havelock Islands,Andaman
 If sunset in Radhanagar is rich and opulent for its wide angle view,Sunrise in vijayanagar offers a raw,rugged but splendid version of the orange ball popping out of the Sea.
Sunrise in Vijaya nagar Beach,Havelock Islands,Andaman
White sand with sparkling golden particles ....Magnificient.
During havelock stay we cannot miss Elephant beach which is famous for clear waters,Sea walk and snorkeling.
Elephant Beach as seen from  a distance,Andaman
 Elephant beach is a small narrow stretch of white sand with lots of trees as any other island of Andaman.
Sea walk can be tried in this beach.From this beach they take us in a small boat  to a bigger boat from which Sea walk diving is done.Amazing experience.
Boat from which Sea walk diving takes place
 We returned by coastal cruise to Havelock.It was a less turbulent journey for me.
Coastal Cruise,Havelock Islands,Andaman
I ll come back after a very short break with my third photo essay on Andaman.still my memories  floating in the waves of Andaman.CU soon.


Raja said...

Super! Radhanagar beach sunset is amazing!

Padma said...

Thanks Raja!It was really beautiful!