Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tweets (Bleats) of a Common Man!

Hi! Logged into my twitter account almost after a Janma;-).
Reason 1:- I don't  have even a dozen followers ;-) ,so lost interest in admiring my own tweets:-);-)
Reason 2:- I follow lots of celebrities but they are not interested in following me ;-);-) :-)

Due to my selective poor memory,I forgot my password , So requested new password.After multiple verification attempts from them to test whether I am a Human being or not :( by making me type some different alphabets in unrecognisable fonts;-) and here I would like to confess ;-) that I had a tough time in recognising them and I myself started doubting whether Iam a Human being or not. ;-):-) Atlast I was given a password.Thank u very much.What a relief!;-)Got to see some tweets from celebrities stating that they are in a flight,brushing their teeth,combing their hair,playing with their kids,how misty delhi is,etc etc.
Suddenly a thought creeped in my mind.If a common man wants to Tweet all the realities of tough life without any false show off and celebrities are following ;-);-) them,will they ever be able to understand the plight of a common man?
But Bleat ;-) will be the best word to describe the tweets in my blog;-) :-) as I do not want to hurt the Twitter and Twitterati ;-) :-) by using the word tweet.Now hereafter all are Bleats.
Warning:- Copyright for word 'Bleat' is mine. ;-) :-)
Just by pulling the imaginative string of my brain,I am presenting some of the Bleats of a Common Man i.e., You and Me.

iam kisan  Kisan Kanaiya
Waiting for a Bus for past 45 minutes.Controlling pressure in Urinary Bladder.No decent clean urinals nearby.Having a tough time.
20 minutes ago
Mee punekar  Adrey Achrekar
Celebrated 2nd Birthday of a 1 metre dia pothole on Satara Road by cutting a cake.Lots of cheers from locals.Planning to plant a tree in that pothole next year if that pothole is not repaired;-)
30 minutes ago
CoolhunkMumbai  Jit Shah
Missed 7.30 am local from Borivili to Central.Missed next 2 Fast locals also because of excessive crowd.Somehow squeezed in to the next fast with great difficulty and got down with 90% crumpled shirt and also with a Sweaty Fragrance!!!;-).Natural Perfume donated generously by co passengers.
1 hour ago
irashmi  Rashmi Chadda
Servant maid absent .Her mobile is out of reach :(
2 hours ago
Tension ThanKs Thangavel Kuppuswamy
Corporation water cut for past 2 days.If it continues today also,have to manage with Newspapers.;-)
5 hours ago
Maid  Mandy  MandaBai
Planning to ask Madam  a loan of 5000/-.Tomorrow is the last date for paying Examination fee of my Son.
8 hours ago
Rom Iyer  Ramaswamy Iyer
My daughter should get placement in a good IT company and should settle in US.Will Visit Tirupati Balaji if he fulfills my wish.
21 hours ago
Vegie Champa ChampaBen
Sudden Rains have spoilt my business today.If I am not able to sell this lot,what will my children eat today?Worried!
1 day ago
Worried Williams William Chinnadurai
Heavy downpour in Coimbatore.Due to poor storm water drainage system,Our area (Bharathi Dasan Nagar;-)) is getting flooded.Planning to buy a boat.Is there any boat loan available?
2 days ago
Party Blaster Girish Bunder
Got slapped well for my mischievous behaviour in a party yesterday.
3 days ago
Slum mouse Pauper Vijay
Hope the authorities will spare my hutment during anti encroachment demolitions.Will they ever provide some rehabilitation facilities?
4 days ago
Bright Balram Balram Naik
Electricity cut in our area has been increased from 22 hours to 24 hours;-) a day.Now  authorities are planning to change the number of hours of a day from 24 hours to 26 hours;-) so that they have further scope to increase the duration of Electricity Cut  :-)
6days ago
Pune Bus Phobian Ranjit Joshi
Afraid to step out of the house for the fear of getting hit by our Super rash Pune Bus Drivers.
7 days ago
Exaggeration Elisa Elizabeth D'Souza
Garbage Disposal Trucks on Strike for past one week.Garbage mound in our area is increasing to alarming levels that it may reach a height of 2000ft within another 10 days;-).Planning to build a hill station;-) and build some great apartments on the top of the hill if the strike continues for next month also.
10 days ago
Bad Night Basheer Basheer Syed
Warring Mosquito groups in our area are planning a truce among themselves and devising a strategy to attack us more severely for using useless repellents:-).Fleeeeeeee......
15 days ago

Oh....Enough for now!Creative cells(!!!) ;-) of my brain have stopped working ;-) I will update as I get some new problems to Bleat.
I welcome some few more interesting suggestions from dear readers.
CU in my next post!


Raja said...

You should start a company for Bleats ....'Bleater'

Padma said...

Raja! it's a good idea.I ll start Bleater.

Prasanna's Pen Speaks ... said...

Humorous post....waiting for ur Bleater..

Padma said...

Thank u prasanna! Even I am thinking on Bleater;-):-)keep reading my blog!