Monday, September 26, 2011

KRISHNAA Versus krishnaa

Hi! Resuming my blogging activity after a break! In this post , I would like to narrate an incident with my dear servant maid Lakshmi who spends more time in chatting and laughing with me than doing her chores ;-).Never mind! Sometimes innocent persons like her are a must as stress bursters in our high tension lives. As a non maharashtrian I had a tough time learning marathi,but now I have learnt to some extent but not fully.Still I have problem in grammar:-).So you can imagine my plight in understanding Lakshmi's rural marathi dialect;-) She belongs to a village near Jalna. Decoding her language is always a real task for me.She also finds my marathi very entertaining ;-) So both of us enjoy each others company :-) very much.;-)
When this incident happened her daughter Sangeeta was also working for me and now she is happily married.She used to be an interpreter for me.On that particular day we were discussing about different castes and their deities.My son Adi was happily doing Pull Ups with the Pull Up Bar during this discussion(This info is quite necessary for this post;-)).
I knew Lakshmi belonged to Dhangar caste.So I was asking her about her caste.She told me that they look after 'Mendriya'.What 'mendriya?'.My Brain stopped decoding because it was a new word for me :-) I looked at Lakshmi.Sangeeta came to my rescue :-) ."'Mendriya' are also known as 'Bakriyaa' ".Again my limited knowledge of Hindi helped me here;-). I continued with my Interview(?!!) with her.
Me : Oh! Who is your deity? Krishna?
Lakshmi : No! We worship Khandoba!( A form of Shiva).His wife is Bhanu!(Additional Info for me :-))
Me : But Krishna is also a Sheperd means belongs to Dhangar caste.It is surprising that you don't worship him.
As usual Lakshmi listened only to half of my statements ;-) (as she always does when I tell her some important work) :-). I think her brain automatically sets a Filtration Button ON when I talk to her ;-)
Lakshmi: We go to Jejuri. That is our Kuldeivat!
Me : Oh! ( But still I was confused.Then what about Krishna?Why don't they worship him)
Me : But Krishna also belongs to Dhangar naa?
Lakshmi : Who knows?
Me : I repeated with amazement.'Who knows?' .( Such a cool attitude about Krishna?;-) )
Sangeeta gave me a cup of hot tea to cool my Brain:-)
Lakshmi : I think once Krishna told me that they belong to Dhangar.I don't remember properly.
Me : WHAAATTT? Krishna told you? I couldn't believe my ears.
Adi gave a mini pause to his Pull Up session to listen to our conversation.;-) He could understand my pain. :-)After so much of puja his mother could not have such a spiritual connection.Anyway being diplomatic as always :-) he didn't want to add agony;-) to his dear mother(that's me) by asking questions,so he continued his activity silently :-).
Lakshmi :I will ask Krishna for confirmation.
Me : WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT? Are you going to confirm with Krishna itself?. A tizzy state started gripping me with overwhelming feelings.:-) I thought I needed someone to hold me otherwise I may fall down and I am afraid of bandages ;-). Baapre! Lakshmi! What a Spiritual Giant ;-) she is!.I told myself. She is going to confirm with GOD.But still in disbelief, I asked her with curiosity.
Me: But When? (Was very eager to meet GOD through Lakshmi ;-))
Lakshmi: When Krishna comes for work tomorrow.
My Brain stopped working for a moment. I gave a slight pause and instructed my Brain. "WAIT and THINK! Some thing is wrong some where!;-)
Me: Which Krishna are you talking about? I asked her quizzingly.
Lakshmi : Your Servant maid Krishna.!(She was talking  about my other maid)
BANG! Adi fell from the Pull Ups Bar with a roaring laughter.He couldn't control his excitement as his mother's brain cells didn't co ordinate well in decoding this time ;-) 
Me : OH! LAKSHMI! I was talking about KRISHNA! Bhagwan KRISHNA! and you are talking about our maid Krishnaa.
Lakshmi : Oh! You are talking about the Krishna who comes in TV programme? She laughed making all teeth visible ;-) to the entire world :-)
Me : Krishna in TV program? (Shock! Once Again) Lakshmi! He is our GOD! and you are mentioning about him very casually like any other actor? I was annoyed but started laughing uncontrollably over the entire episode.
Lakshmi also started laughing heartily. By seeing her innocent hearty laugh I could feel GOD was also laughing along with us happily and silently :-) CU in next post! Bye for now!


Nandakumar said...

I think Lakshmi shd be marathi Bharathiyar.Bharathiyar saw kannan in many forms like servant,lover,boss n many more.Laksmi also sees krishna as servant maid, T.V star etc.,,

A funny incident n well narrated.

But in chennai servant maids are busnisees oriented.They never talk.Appadiye vaaye thirandhalum koovam dhaan.

Padma said...

Thank u kumar chittappa! your comparison of lakshmi and bharathiyar is funny. Fortunately or unfortunately most of my servant maids luv to chat with me rather work ;-)

Prasanna's Pen Speaks ... said...

funny post padma...sometimes incidents like this increase our bondage with servants....

Padma said...

Thank u! prasanna! I dont know whether it increases bond or not.but talking to them gives an insight into their life,difficulties which we r not aware of otherwise.

Raja said...

By the way, whats up with your servant maids, all are from the divine world!!

Padma said...

Thank u Raja! for ur reading my post.Divine o ennamo, they are good people.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I know all the 'characters' in this episode. My god, their conversations in Marathi are total entertainment. Recently Padma wanted to ask Adi to come out of the bathroom so that Lakshmi can clean the bathroom. Instead she ended up Saying ( in Marathi ) " Adi please come out, Lakshmi needs to be cleaned up". & all these 'characters' were again laughing together...
Fantastic narration....-Rajendra

Padma said...

Thank u Rajen for reading my blog!