Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Li'l Champs of Zee SaReGaMaPa -Winning Hearts

I am an addict of News channels.A recent programme(not related to news) which has gained my attention is SaReGaMaPa -Little champs telecast by Zee Marathi channel.(I am not writing this for marketing this prog ;-)..

It is wonderful to see 5 little music prodigies competing for the title.All of them aged below 14,youngest being 8.They all look very innocent,but when they take the mic in hand and sing the compositions of Hridayanath mangeshkar or Shrinivas kale ,they leave me speechless.(those songs are real toughnut compostions,any aspiring singer can give it a try for voice culturing) .

I ve seen lots of music competitions in TV,Few years back,in SUN TV ,S.V.Ramanan was engaging the audience well,participants were also talented. When Ramanan was replaced by some Mr.X, I stopped watching that program.

Again ,Few years back,Hrishikesh Ranade and one Mr.Shrinivas( i've forgotten his surname) gave an impressive performance,When Mr.Shrinivas was eliminated by regional chauvinism of judges,i stopped watching such porgrammes,cursing the fragile regional unity of India.

I ve learnt Carnatic music for many years,and still learning Hindustani light music,( In one of my upcoming post , i would luv to deal with these genres of music)and I am blessed with ears and brain which can enjoy any type of music without any prejudice,this particular quality of mine helped me in watching this programme,bcos many of the songs sung in this programme are very new to me ,i ve not heard them before and marathi lyrics used in these songs are very poetic ,and beyond the scope of my understanding ;).In spite of these shortcomings these little monsters have made me addicted to their scintillating performance.The names of this future stars are

1.Prathmesh laghate (13)-Born genius who breathes music & he is my favourite.specialist in classical music.Book ur tickets for his future programmes now.

2.Arya Ambekar(must be 12/13)-great voice,great hardwork.

3.Rohit Raut-great performer ,versatile singer .

4.karthiki gaekwad(9)-voice with a rural touch .Will excel in thumris/folk.

5.Mugdha vaishampayan(8)-Innocence and mastery together.

I am not writing this post to promote these kids or this programme.This post is an humble tribute to those amazing kids by a music buff who understands the difficulties in singing and who can appreciate the intricacies of music,and ofcourse still struggling to master this magnificient art.(and will try forever).

I am aware that still there are thousands of prodigies scattered all over the world whose talent is latent waiting to be tapped.As saint Tyagaraja's famous kirtanai
'Endaro mahanubhavulu ,andhariki vandanamu' says"This world has given birth to numerous great persons,My humble Salutations to all of them",I can only salute & admire these great musicians and thank the creator for bestowing such wonderful gifts to us! See U in next post!


Vikram Kanitkar said...

what happened to the promise of adding the picnic curd rice recepie as your next post? still waiting for that.

Padma said...

Thank U Vikram!It was nice to hear from u after ma...ny years.I ll publish the recipe as soon as possible..:),,

rajendra said...

Padma, Well written. I have felt the same exitement watching the little champs. I find these kids are amazingly talented. I can appreiciate it as musch as you though I am not a singer. But as an admirer of music & the ones who have mastered this art I feel these kids amazing. I am sure there would be thousands more in the country who are as talented as these kids... Wishing the best get noticed... Keep blogging..

Padma said...

Thank u rajendra!for ur encouragement and comments..

Nitin said...

Nitin :- I fully agree with you. I did not miss a signle epsiode when I was in India. I keep on visiting youtube from here to watch further episodes....If three of them DO NOT perform in concerts and concentrate on cultivating their own style for next 3 to 4 years, then we will probably have all time greatest singers. Prathmesh -- Arya -- Mugdha are toooooo good. & Thanks to all of them (Avadhoot , Vaishali & Pallavi & Musicians) for conducting this Relaity show in a very balanced and sensible manner (Unlike its Hindi kin versions...) We are going to miss all that fun after the finale is over on 8th Feb.
THANKS for your nice article...You have expressed wotever I wanted to....

Padma said...

Thank u for ur comments!Nitin! Even i feel that the fun will be over by feb 8..i ve never seen such a competition in my life time.(amazing prodigies)...let us hope that they continue practicing and evolve as good

Nikita said...

I must admit that I am really dense in music. I am not a big fan of bollywood either, let alone classical or marathi songs.
I just wanted to read because I enjoy your writing. But yes, I completely agree with Tyagaraja, and now you. Although I don't understand something (here music), doesn't mean that I don't appreciate I wish to grab the opportunity to salute all the great singers too:)

Padma said...

thank u nikita fo ur kind gesture.i suggest u to take music lessons from ravindra;-)